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  • What Happens to NJ Mosquitoes in the Fall and Winter?

    With summer drawing to a close, you might think you’re done dealing with mosquitoes and the health threats they pose, such as the Zika virus. However, these pests don’t necessarily die off when the weather gets cooler. Here’s why you might end up needing NJ pest control services for mosquitoes this fall. Mosquitoes in Fall […]

  • High Humidity Brings Out Swarms of Mosquitoes and Other Insect Pests

    High humidity levels are ideal for breeding mosquito populations. These insects, which keep NJ pest control services busy in summer, thrive in humid environments. This puts you and your family at risk of being bitten, which can also increase your risk of West Nile virus and other serious kinds of illnesses. Swarming Mosquitoes Mosquitoes have […]

  • Mosquito Control Goes Hi-Tech with Biological Disease Suppression

    Keeping mosquito populations under control helps reduce the risk of health issues, such as West Nile virus, but this can be tough to do. The good news is that scientists are working on developing a technique that could limit mosquito populations by controlling their fertility. Using Microbes to Fight Mosquitoes Researchers are looking into ways […]

  • The Zika Mosquito Guide for New Jersey Home and Business Owners

    Mosquitoes are a common part of summer living in NJ, which means that it’s important for homeowners and business owners to understand the health threats these pests pose. One of these threats, Zika virus, can cause harm to fetuses if pregnant women get this illness. Mosquitoes That Carry Zika Virus Only a couple are known […]