The Zika Mosquito Guide for New Jersey Home and Business Owners

Mosquito! Summer's Unwanted Visitor
The Mosquito! Summer’s Unwanted Visitor

Mosquitoes are a common part of summer living in NJ, which means that it’s important for homeowners and business owners to understand the health threats these pests pose.

One of these threats, Zika virus, can cause harm to fetuses if pregnant women get this illness.

Mosquitoes That Carry Zika Virus

Only a couple are known to carry Zika, and one of them isn’t found in NJ. Mosquito species that carry Zika include Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus. Of these two species, Aedes aegypti is found in other parts of the country, notably the South, and doesn’t make its home in NJ.

However, Aedes albopictus, also known as the Asian tiger mosquito, does make its home in NJ. Asian tiger mosquitoes are able to carry Zika virus, so it’s important to guard against them.

Mosquito Prevention

Although officials aren’t expecting any major outbreaks of Zika virus in NJ, you should still take steps to protect your home or business from these pests.

This includes getting rid of standing water sources so mosquitoes have fewer places to lay their eggs. Ocean County NJ pest control companies can also help you lower your risk of having these pests around.

Ocean County NJ pest control companies play an important role in protecting you from disease-carrying mosquitoes. Contact Allison Pest Control, so we can reduce your risk of having a mosquito infestation at your home or business this summer.