Category: Biting Insects

  • The Zika Mosquito Guide for New Jersey Home and Business Owners

    Mosquitoes are a common part of summer living in NJ, which means that it’s important for homeowners and business owners to understand the health threats these pests pose. One of these threats, Zika virus, can cause harm to fetuses if pregnant women get this illness. Mosquitoes That Carry Zika Virus Only a couple are known […]

  • Think You Have Bed Bugs? Dig Deeper to Be Sure.

    If you’re worried about bed bugs, you’re not alone. Middlesex County NJ pest control companies are dealing with more and more cases of these biting pests. Before you panic about bed bugs, though, keep the following tips in mind to stay calm. Don’t Assume You Have Bed Bugs If you see small, dark-colored bugs in […]

  • Brace Yourself for These Top Summer Pests in New Jersey

    It’s that time of year when bugs come out in full force, leading homeowners to call Ocean County NJ pest control companies. You’ll probably see nuisance bugs outside, but some can manage to find their way indoors and create a problem in your NJ home. Here are some of the more common pests to watch […]

  • Bed Bugs Move to the Number 2 Spot for Insurance Claims

    Bed bugs can leave itchy welts and force homeowners to get rid of belongings in an effort to eliminate these pests. That’s not the only trouble bed bugs cause. They’re among the leading drivers of liability insurance claims. Second Place Bed bugs have risen to the number two spot for the top animal-related liability insurance […]

  • News Flash: Mosquitoes and the West Nile Disease

    It’s that time of year when mosquitoes come out in full force and will probably require NJ pest control services to keep them under control. In addition to leaving itchy bites and welts, these pests can pose another risk. They can transmit West Nile virus to people through their bites. Mild Cases West Nile virus […]

  • It’s Best to Discover Bed Bug Problems at Low Activity Levels

    Catching a bed bug infestation early makes it easier to completely eliminate them with NJ pest control services. This involves being able to detect low-level bed bug activity, which can be difficult to do. Keep these tips in mind, so you can catch bed bug infestations as early as possible. Use Bed Bug Monitors or […]