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  • Learn More About Spiders Commonly Found in New Jersey

    Spiders. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, spin webs, and are super fast when skittering across a surface. On top of that, they look menacing and other worldly, and can make a grown person cringe. There are around 50,000 spider types in the world and Allison Pest Control NJ takes care of handling […]

  • Beware Of Black Widow Spiders!

    The recent chill in the air that is giving us a small taste of fall is not keeping black widow spiders at bay!  This weekend while working in the yard I flipped over a trash can to fill it with yard waste and noticed a suspicious looking erratically woven web.  A quick step back to […]

  • Indoor Spiders Call For The Services Of A NJ Pest Control Professional

    As the weather begins to chill in New Jersey, many different species of house spiders can be found indoors report Monmouth County, NJ pest control professionals.  Unlike some outdoor spiders which are venomous, house spiders are non-lethal to humans.  In many cases they provide assistance in keeping other insect pests down as they trap and […]

  • It’s A Spider Bite!…Or Is It?

    Big and small, spiders, more than any other type of creepy crawly make people squeamish for a variety of reasons report pest control professionals in Ocean County, NJ.  Perhaps it is because of their long legs, or the fact that they can run fast, or climb up to high places.  Maybe it’s because they seem to […]

  • Scientists Believe Global Warning Has Brought An Increase In Plant Eating Insects

    The summer of 2011 brought about numerous complaints by New Jersey residents to many pest control companies throughout New Jersey about an increase of insects eating more than their normal share of a variety of outdoor plants.  Notwithstanding the voracious appetite of the pesky stink bugs that have taken over the eastern seaboard in recent […]

  • The Bug That Bites In The Night

    There are several types of bugs that bite humans and leave their mark for all to see report NJ pest control professionals.  Mosquitos, fleas, ticks, bed bugs, spiders, ants, and even cockroaches won’t hesitate to partake in human flesh if it suits their fancy.  Bite wounds will vary for each insect depending on what type […]