Beware Of Black Widow Spiders!

The recent chill in the air that is giving us a small taste of fall is not keeping black widow spiders at bay!  This weekend while working in the yard I flipped over a trash can to fill it with yard waste and noticed a suspicious looking erratically woven web.  A quick step back to access the situation was a smart idea for certain because there in the corner where I was just about place my hand was a beautiful, yet poisonous, black widow spider.

Despite having work gloves on, I shudder to think of the problems that this spider would have caused me had it climbed up my arm or gotten inside of my gloves.  I am thankful for the knowledge that I have regarding spiders in New Jersey as I am certain that it has saved me from many unwanted bites!

The interesting thing to note about the location of this spider in this trash can is that it took up residence while the trash can was at the street, not against the house, not near a bush or tree, etc.  The can is used on a regular basis as well.  Could it be that this was just one unlucky spider that happened upon this can?  Perhaps.  Black widows typically choose their locations to spin their messy webs in more secluded safer locations.

This unlucky spider met its demise with the aid of a stick and the bottom of my boot.  For black widows around your home however, it is best to call an Ocean County, NJ pest control expert instead.

Stay tuned for more information about black widows that will help you identify their hiding places and habits.