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  • New Jersey’s Growing Rat Problem Causes Serious Concern

    Rats have been scurrying around NJ for ages and providing plenty of demand for pest control in Ocean County NJ. They’re getting to be an even bigger problem these days, though. These rodents, which can transmit certain infectious diseases, have been running rampant in one part of NJ thanks to recent construction. A Rise in […]

  • Rats Can Compress Their Bodies to Fit Through Incredibly Small Spaces

    One of the best ways to keep rats out of your home is by sealing up even small gaps. Rats are known for being able to fit into tiny gaps and cracks, but how do they do it? Our pest control Brielle NJ experts have some information you should know about these rodents. Rat Skeletons […]

  • EPA Weighs In On the Use of Dry Ice for Rat Abatement

    Warmer winters have led to an increase in rat populations, which has led to city governments taking steps to address this problem. However, the methods they’re using have come under fire from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Dry Ice in Big Cities New York, Chicago, Boston and other big cities have tried using dry ice […]

  • Rodents Love the Wiring of NJ Residents’ New Cars

    It’s common for homeowners to look for the best exterminator in Monmouth County to stop rodents from damaging their homes, but what about their cars? Newer wiring in some cars might attract these pests. Soy-Based Wiring Soy-based wiring insulation for newer cars has been developed as a biodegradable option that won’t clutter up landfills. While […]

  • Rat and Mouse Infestations May Cause Serious Health Issues

    Having a rodent infestation in your home isn’t just a threat to your food supplies. Rats and mice can also put your health at risk. Find out why you might need to find the best exterminator in Wall to help you put an end to an infestation before you and your family get sick. These […]

  • Five Tips to Prevent Rodents from Moving Into Your NJ Business

    When you have rodents on your commercial property, you need help from the best NJ exterminator to get rid of them. Mice and rats can be a public health hazard, since they are able to spread disease. They can also damage your building and contaminate food supplies. If you haven’t had a problem with these […]