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Do You Still Need To Worry About The New Jersey Stink Bug?

The temperature has dropped in New Jersey and everyone is surely grateful for the lack of pesky insects this time of year.

Everyone has been asking where the putrid smelling stink bugs that covered siding, doors, windows, and gutters disappeared to.  Did they die off when the cold set in?  Did they fly south for the winter?  Did another bug find them to be a tasty treat?  Unfortunately, no such luck.

My neighbor is in the middle of having a room added onto their home.  Part of the process included removing the siding off of the back of their house.  The contractors commented on the amount of annoying foul smelling stink bugs that they encountered which had sought refuge underneath their old siding.  With each flick of the bug came a pungent release of the stink bugs revenge.

The next part of their renovation came this weekend when they had to remove the wood on the wall that was underneath the siding.  Much to their dismay and surprise, they discovered where the NJ stink bugs go when the weather turns nasty.  Piled up, row after row, nestled in the now exposed house insulation were thousands of stink bugs!  They were very much alive, but in a somewhat dormant type of state of being.  Once discovered they began to release their disgusting stench to ward off any further disturbance.  All work had to be stopped until a NJ pest control professional could be called to the scene to kill the nasty bugs.

It’s hard to imagine that amount of stink bugs at other New Jersey homes, but it is likely the case.  Enjoy the brief stink bug reprieve, it won’t last long!  Before you know it, the New Jersey stink bugs will be alive and well and will be once again stinking up the joint. Rest assured, Allison Pest Control is ready to help kill off these stinky pests when they start to invade your New Jersey home once again.

Kill Off Your New Jersey Cockroaches Before They Multiply

You would think that with humans being the superior species on earth that we are would have no trouble squashing out one particular type of bug that has been creeping us out.  It does not matter if is man, woman, or child; nobody is fond of the disgusting and sneaky habits of cockroaches.

It is believed that cockroaches have inhabited the earth for nearly 400 million years.  There are almost 7,500 known species of cockroaches in existence and they have proven themselves to be ones of the hardest pests to eradicate, much to the consternation of homeowners and business owners across the United States.

The most common cockroaches that invade human living quarters are the German, American, Oriental and Asian cockroach.  Each of these sneaky pests can be found living in homes or businesses at any time of the year.  They can easily enter homes un-noticed through a variety of sources like shipping packages, new or used furniture, grocery bags, neighboring walls, window sills, or even from a visiting houseguest.  Cockroaches find human homes and businesses perfect to continue their reproduction cycle.  These creepy crawlers just need a good source of food, water, and shelter, which we humans amply provide.

If you have a NJ cockroach infestation or infestation in any part of the US, it must be taken seriously as cockroaches are known to carry salmonella and E.coli which can be dangerous or even deadly for humans to contract.  Many consumers try to kill off cockroaches by using over-the-counter bug bombs or store bought sprays.  Although these products may kill some of these disgusting creatures, they will not penetrate into all of the deep dark hiding places that cockroaches love to hide, and within a short period of time, the bugs will return with a vengeance!

The best way to get rid of a New Jersey cockroach infestation in a home or business is to hire a licensed NJ pest control specialist that can apply the correct pesticides so that your cockroach problem will be eliminated.  Contact Allison Pest Control for expert NJ cockroach extermination services in Monmouth, Middlesex and Ocean counties.

Winterize Your Home Against Unwanted Pests

Many of the insects that have been enjoying the delightful sunny warm spring and summer months in the great outdoors are now desperate to seek shelter.  Their natural instincts direct them to find a warm place to spend the cold winter months.  If they don’t, they will soon perish as the cold begins to settle upon New Jersey.  The trick for NJ homeowners is to keep these unwanted creepy crawlers out so that an infestation cannot occur within wall voids, attics, under floors, in cabinets, behind baseboards, and in dark out of the way spots that pests love to hide in.

Warmth seeking pests can easily find their way into the slimmest of cracks or open spaces.  You could spend a pretty penny on the finest insulated windows, but they won’t protect you from unwanted insects if they are not caulked properly on the inside and the outside of your home.  When thinking about safeguarding your home against insect intruders, you should look on your hands and knees at each entry door of your home.  If you see daylight through the opening, then you should install a door sweep and weather stripping to help close up the gaps that will allow pests inside.

Once they gain access, you will often times find box elder bugs, stink bugs, lady bugs, and other insects basking in the sun on walls throughout your New Jersey home or business until springtime arrives once again.  If you have noticed an abundance of insects crawling on the exterior of your NJ home, there is a good chance that they will gain entry inside without the application of a residual insecticide applied by a pest control professional.

Winterizing your New Jersey home is definitely important, but so is having a good New Jersey pest control program in place to help guard against unwanted intruders.  Contact Allison Pest Control for fast service of perimeter home protection against household, nuisance, and problem insects.  Give us a call today to see how we can help you!