Tag: NJ Pest Control

  • The Trouble with NJ Mice

    It might be surprising to learn that most mice enter structures between October and February.  Like other creatures big and small, mice are hungry critters that are always on the hunt for a meal source.  The cold NJ winter drives mice indoors as they seek warm shelter and an easy water source for survival.  It […]

  • NJ Squirrels Can Be Destructive House Guests

    Squirrels’ acrobatic antics may make them welcome backyard visitors during the winter, but they make lousy house guests if they decide to move into your Monmouth County, NJ attic. The first chilly nights send squirrels looking for warm winter shelter. As the leaves fall, you can usually spot their messy, leaf-stuffed nests perched on tree […]

  • Crickets – the Nuisance Pest That Can Drive You Crazy

    Did you know that in many cultures, and even for some Americans, having crickets in your house is a sign of good luck? The fact is, crickets rarely come indoors, however when the weather gets colder, they do frequently accidentally hop inside a window or door because they’re attracted to the warmth. If you’ve been […]

  • Pantry Pests Can Spoil Your Holiday Baking

    The holiday season will soon be under way and people from coast to coast will dust off those favored family recipes that only tend to appear at this time of year. Sweets like cookies, cakes, chocolates, and pies are an essential part of decorating the holiday dessert table. Lurking in the confines of pantries near […]

  • Hardware Store Pest Control Just Doesn’t Work

    When you have a pest control problem, quite often calling an exterminator isn’t the first solution that comes to mind. We tend to be quite protective, and it’s natural for us to want to defend our homes when those unwelcome invaders come around. However, rather than spend money on hardware store pest control products, it’s […]