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The Trouble with NJ Mice

It might be surprising to learn that most mice enter structures between October and February.  Like other creatures big and small, mice are hungry critters that are always on the hunt for a meal source.  The cold NJ winter drives mice indoors as they seek warm shelter and an easy water source for survival.  It is estimated that approximately 21 million homes in the US will encounter mice this winter!

How do mice come indoors?

Mice come indoors through small openings that lead from the exterior to the interior of a structure.  Utility lines that are not secured with silicone caulking or steel wool are an open door for mice.  Mice have nimble bodies which allow them to squeeze into spaces as small as a dime.

Where can mice be found?

Mice tend to make their nest close to where they are able to find food.  Home and business owners are advised to store pantry food products in glass or plastic containers with tightly sealed lids as mice can easily chew through plastic wrapping and cardboard packaging.  Mice have small stomachs with large appetites.  These pests tend to feed about 15 to 20 times per day, most of the time, never being seen by humans.

Monmouth County NJ pest control experts warn that if you have one mouse in your home or business, there is a good chance that you have more mice, or will soon have more mice.  The best way to eradicate mice and eliminate the pathogens that they spread is to hire a Monmouth County NJ pest control professional like Allison Pest Control.

NJ Squirrels Can Be Destructive House Guests

Squirrels’ acrobatic antics may make them welcome backyard visitors during the winter, but they make lousy house guests if they decide to move into your Monmouth County, NJ attic. The first chilly nights send squirrels looking for warm winter shelter. As the leaves fall, you can usually spot their messy, leaf-stuffed nests perched on tree branches. But if squirrels can find a way in, your attic may prove equally attractive.

Like all rodents, squirrels have malleable bodies and are able to squeeze through surprisingly small holes and cracks in roofing materials. They may climb into attics through vent openings or use their sharp teeth to enlarge small holes in shingles, siding or fascia boards. The destruction continues once squirrels gain access to your attic. Squirrels gnaw incessantly, the behavior necessitated by their constantly growing teeth. They’ll gnaw on wood beams, stored treasures and have even been known to start fires by gnawing on exposed electric wires.

But gnawing is just the tip of the iceberg if squirrels move into your New Jersey home. Squirrels will foul insulation with their urine and feces. These rodents carry rabies and harbor fleas, ticks, worms, mites and other parasites. And their stored food supplies, which they like to keep close to their nests, can attract secondary insect infestations.

Even worse, if squirrels aren’t shown the door; spring litters could compound your problem – and the damage done to your home. Don’t take a chance on squirrel damage. Inspect your home for animal damage and call the squirrel control experts at Allison Pest Control if you suspect your attic is harboring unwanted guests.

Crickets – the Nuisance Pest That Can Drive You Crazy

Did you know that in many cultures, and even for some Americans, having crickets in your house is a sign of good luck? The fact is, crickets rarely come indoors, however when the weather gets colder, they do frequently accidentally hop inside a window or door because they’re attracted to the warmth. If you’ve been hearing those chirping sounds, and they’re beginning to drive you crazy, it might be time to ask a professional about cricket pest control.

Your Cricket Infestation

Crickets prefer the warmth, so if you think you have a cricket problem, it’s a good idea to check your kitchen, your furnace, or any other area that’s kept warm this time of year. Once they get inside, they are also likely to burrow into your baseboards or other cracks in an effort to hide themselves away. Once they’re there, they can multiply quite rapidly.

Just One, Or Many?

One lonely cricket will rarely cause your home any damage. However, if you have more than one, you can quickly have a problem. Crickets like to chew, and they can cause serious damage to the structure of your home. They can be difficult to find because they will frequently stop chirping once you approach where they’re hiding.

Here at Allison Pest Control, crickets are one of our specialities. We understand how these pests behave, and we know where they like to hide out. We also know how to get rid of them and keep them away. If you have a cricket problem, contact us today.

Pantry Pests Can Spoil Your Holiday Baking

The holiday season will soon be under way and people from coast to coast will dust off those favored family recipes that only tend to appear at this time of year. Sweets like cookies, cakes, chocolates, and pies are an essential part of decorating the holiday dessert table.

Lurking in the confines of pantries near and far could be little creatures and their eggs that are happy to spoil the cooking fun…that is if you find them. Pantry pests, otherwise known as stored food pests, love to gather where dry baking goods are stored. Feeling warm and cozy in a pantry or cabinet, these little pests will easily multiply out-of-control making life unpleasant during the holiday season or any other time of year.

There are many different types of pests that will seek refuge where stored food products are. Ants, earwigs, beetles, and pillbugs tend to make their presence known. Other species of pantry pests such as weevils, the Indian meal moth, or the merchant grain beetle are a bit sneakier about their whereabouts.

Ways to avoid pantry pests is to inspect packaging at the supermarket prior to bringing it home. Any breach on the packages surface should be cause for concern with these pests. Additionally, adhering to the expiration dates on the food products will also help to keep these pests out of your home. If any pantry pests are found, it’s time to call a Monmouth County NJ exterminator like Allison Pest Control for safe elimination of the pantry invading pests.

Hardware Store Pest Control Just Doesn’t Work

When you have a pest control problem, quite often calling an exterminator isn’t the first solution that comes to mind. We tend to be quite protective, and it’s natural for us to want to defend our homes when those unwelcome invaders come around. However, rather than spend money on hardware store pest control products, it’s a much quicker solution to work with an exterminator who can do the job right.

Cut Down On Expenses

If you’re like many people, as soon as you discover you have a pest problem, you immediately get online and start looking for solutions. You’ll talk to your friends, relatives, and anyone else you know who might be able to help you come up with a way to solve the problem. The issue with this is that hardware store sprays and other remedies don’t always work for you the way they may have worked for someone else. Actually, this method can get really expensive really fast.

Save Your Sanity

If you ask anyone who has dealt with a common problem like bed bugs or mice, they will tell you that these issues have a way of driving a person crazy after a while. You feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. Working with an exterminator will help you eliminate the problem, and keep it from coming back.

Don’t waste time on expensive and unreliable do-it-yourself methods of pest control. Here at Allison Pest Control, we already know what works, and we can rid you of your problem quickly. Call us today!