NJ Squirrels Can Be Destructive House Guests

Squirrels’ acrobatic antics may make them welcome backyard visitors during the winter, but they make lousy house guests if they decide to move into your Monmouth County, NJ attic. The first chilly nights send squirrels looking for warm winter shelter. As the leaves fall, you can usually spot their messy, leaf-stuffed nests perched on tree branches. But if squirrels can find a way in, your attic may prove equally attractive.

Like all rodents, squirrels have malleable bodies and are able to squeeze through surprisingly small holes and cracks in roofing materials. They may climb into attics through vent openings or use their sharp teeth to enlarge small holes in shingles, siding or fascia boards. The destruction continues once squirrels gain access to your attic. Squirrels gnaw incessantly, the behavior necessitated by their constantly growing teeth. They’ll gnaw on wood beams, stored treasures and have even been known to start fires by gnawing on exposed electric wires.

But gnawing is just the tip of the iceberg if squirrels move into your New Jersey home. Squirrels will foul insulation with their urine and feces. These rodents carry rabies and harbor fleas, ticks, worms, mites and other parasites. And their stored food supplies, which they like to keep close to their nests, can attract secondary insect infestations.

Even worse, if squirrels aren’t shown the door; spring litters could compound your problem – and the damage done to your home. Don’t take a chance on squirrel damage. Inspect your home for animal damage and call the squirrel control experts at Allison Pest Control if you suspect your attic is harboring unwanted guests.