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  • Mosquito Control Goes Hi-Tech with Biological Disease Suppression

    Keeping mosquito populations under control helps reduce the risk of health issues, such as West Nile virus, but this can be tough to do. The good news is that scientists are working on developing a technique that could limit mosquito populations by controlling their fertility. Using Microbes to Fight Mosquitoes Researchers are looking into ways […]

  • Truth or Fiction? New Jersey Has 63 Varieties of Mosquitoes.

    You can’t spend an evening outside in NJ when it’s warm out without getting at least one mosquito bite, and that’s no surprise. NJ really does have 63 different mosquito species, which gives NJ pest control services plenty to do in summer. 62 Residents, 1 Visitor Sixty-two of the mosquito species sampled in NJ are […]

  • The Type of Mosquito That Carries Zika is Found in NJ

    There have been more than 50 confirmed Zika cases in New Jersey this year, though all of them seem to be related to individuals traveling to areas where the virus is more prevalent. New Jersey has yet to see a Zika case coming transmitted by mosquitoes, but the Asian Tiger mosquito, one of only two […]

  • What the Feds are Doing to Help NJ Combat Zika

    The threat of pregnant women catching the Zika virus has led the federal government to help New Jersey deal with the disease. To date, most of the help they have given has come in the form of grants from funds specifically set up to help states stop Zika from evolving into a major public health […]

  • Zika and You, What You Need to Know Now

    Mosquitoes used to be merely a nuisance due to the itchy bites they cause, but in recent years these pests have been spreading diseases in the U.S. The most recent threat from mosquitoes is the spread of the Zika virus. What is Zika and why is it a problem? • Zika is a virus that […]

  • NJ and the Zika Virus – What You Need to Know

    Dealing with itchy mosquito bites can make your summer miserable, but now there’s something else to worry about. The type of mosquitoes that can carry the Zika virus are found in a larger part of the US, including NJ. Here’s what you should know about the Zika virus and why you shouldn’t hesitate to call […]