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  • Fleas – Getting a Foothold Into Your Home Via Your Pet

    Fleas are tiny pests that can quickly turn into big problems when they infest your home. These bugs can easily get into your home by catching a ride on your pets. When your pets spend time outdoors, they can pick up fleas on their coat and bring them inside without you knowing. Preventing Flea Problems […]

  • Watch Out: The Black Carpenter Ant is Just Starting to Become Active

    If you see a large ant or two in your home, is it time to look for Ocean County pest control services? These big black ants are known as carpenter ants, and they could mean trouble for your home. Wood Damage Carpenter ants don’t feed on wood like termites do, but they can still cause […]

  • Are NJ Termite Chemicals Dangerous to Family Members and Pets?

    There’s no question that you need to get rid of any termites you find in your home before they can do major damage, but how safe are your treatment options? When you have a NJ termite specialist treat your home for these pests, it’s important to learn more about the safety of the products being […]

  • Will This Winter for Pests be Like 2015’s?

    If you ask the best exterminator in Tom’s River what this winter has in store for us, as far as pest control is concerned, you may be thinking about all of the developments that occurred last year. As winters go, 2016 was relatively mild, which means that pest control specialists were pretty busy. This is […]

  • Protect Your Family Know Which Pests Trigger Allergies and Asthma

    One of the biggest problems associated with pests in the home is potential health issues. Certain kinds of pests are known for increasing the severity of asthma and allergy symptoms in those who have these conditions. If you have a problem with any of the following pests, it’s important to seek help from the best […]

  • Expect More Winter Pests in New Jersey This Year

    You might think you get a break from dealing with pests during the winter months, but this year is likely to be a different. Thanks to more extreme weather this past summer, you might find yourself having to call the best NJ exterminator for help. Summer’s Effects on Winter Pests Summer in the northeast region […]