Expect More Winter Pests in New Jersey This Year

Expect More Winter Pests in New Jersey This Year
Expect More Winter Pests in New Jersey This Year

You might think you get a break from dealing with pests during the winter months, but this year is likely to be a different. Thanks to more extreme weather this past summer, you might find yourself having to call the best NJ exterminator for help.

Summer’s Effects on Winter Pests

Summer in the northeast region was drier and hotter than usual, which has given rodents and bugs more time to find warm indoor areas to call home for the winter. Mice and rats typically head indoors so they can avoid the cold, which increases the chances that you’ll see them in your home this winter.

Certain types of bugs, including stink bugs and boxelder bugs, are also looking to spend the winter months in your home in search of food, warmth, and shelter. That means you should be on the lookout for these bugs throughout winter. Keep in mind that these bugs will emerge when the weather starts to warm up again.

Winter Pest Infestations

It’s important to deal with pest infestations as soon as they appear to lower the risk of damage to your home or the spread of disease. Have professional pest control experts eradicate bug and rodent infestations promptly.

If pests become a problem in your home this winter, the best NJ exterminator can help. Contact Allison Pest Control, and we’ll rid your home of bug or rodent pests this season.