Bald Faced Hornet Nest Removal Tips

Hornets Can Sting Repeatedly So Watch Out!
Hornets Can Sting Repeatedly So Watch Out!

Bald faced hornets are known for their painful stings, especially if they’re defending their nest. Since these bugs can swarm quickly, it’s dangerous to have one of their nests on your property. Keep these tips in mind if you discover a bald faced hornet nest in your yard.

What to Use

If you decide to use a spray product, make sure it’s for wasps and bees, rather than ants or other bugs. You’ll also need to have the right protection on, so you’re less likely to be stung. Wear layers of padded clothes, along with a brimmed hat and netting and a pair of thick gloves.

When to Spray

Ideally, you should use these products in the morning. Stand far enough away that you won’t be in easy reach of any hornets that might emerge, but make sure the spray can reach the nest. Wait a couple of days before taking the nest down to make sure it’s safe.

Don’t risk being stung multiple times. If you’re uncomfortable handling this type of problem, let Monmouth County NJ pest control companies do it for you. Professional pest control experts have the right knowledge and experience for the job.

If you need help getting rid of a bald faced hornet nest, Monmouth County NJ pest control companies can help. Contact Allison Pest Control, and we’ll make sure the nest is removed as safely as possible.