Scientists Use a Virus That Effectively Puts House Flies on Birth Control

Putting Bothersome Houseflies on Birth Control

House flies are among the most common pests that are around in summer and Ocean County NJ pest control companies deal with these pests throughout the season. Flies don’t bite, but they do carry germs that they leave on surfaces and food. Fortunately, researchers are working on ways to reduce their numbers.

A Beneficial Virus

Scientist that work for the U.S. Department of Agriculture discovered that they can stop house flies from being able to reproduce. This involves the use of a virus that prevents female house flies from laying their eggs. The virus also stops male house flies from mating.

Researchers looked at varying ways to infect flies with this virus and found that exposure to water and other infected flies produced the best results. They also studied other methods of infection, such as liquid baits and sprays.

Improved House Fly Control

Although this virus doesn’t provide a quick way to get rid of house flies right now, research could lead to improvements in fly control. In the meantime, NJ homeowners should seek help from professional pest control services to eliminate house flies from their home.

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