Why Research Has Been Done on Termite Digestion Habits

A Termite Colony Needs Professional Extermination
A Termite Colony Needs Professional Extermination

Termites have been known to cause expensive damage to homes.

While these wood-destroying insects keep NJ termite extermination professionals in high demand, they do offer some benefits in terms of research.

Scientists are studying termite digestion in order to improve biofuel production.

Termite Digestion

Termites have tiny organisms called protists inside them, along with bacteria. Scientists wanted to understand the relationship between these organisms better when it comes to the digestive process.

What they discovered is that protists undergo changes in response to different materials that termites eat, while bacteria remain the same.

In fact, the gene sequences of both the termite hosts and protists changed. Researchers are using these findings to better understand which specific genes play a role in digestion.

This research will help scientists determine which enzymes are responsible for breaking down woody matter.

Biofuel Production

When scientists find the enzymes they’re looking for, these enzymes have the potential to help them figure out more effective ways to break biomass down and remove sugars when biofuel is produced. This may lead to more efficient biofuel production.

Although termites are contributing to important research, they’re still mainly pests that can cause serious damage to homes and businesses.

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