Cockroach Extermination – The Extreme Edition

Don't Let These Pest Sneak Into Your Home!
Don’t Let These Pest Sneak Into Your Home!

We at Allison Pest Control in NJ have seen some pretty bad cockroach infestations, as well as some novel methods homeowners have used to try to get rid of them.

Extreme Extermination

One individual in Washington decided to take the notion of DIY extermination to its logical extreme. A can of bug spray can certainly help control pests, at least temporarily, but this person decided to speed up the process by turning it into a mini-flamethrower. Predictably, this homegrown solution led to a situation that ended with the fire department being called. By the time they arrived, the resident had managed to extinguish the fire and nobody ended up getting hurt.

Professional Cockroach Extermination

The team at Allison Pest Control in NJ knows that a cockroach problem can be frustrating, but they can be controlled relatively easily by a trained professional. A visit by a professional exterminator can help get rid of your problem and keep cockroaches from coming back for a long period of time. Our methods are unobtrusive and certainly do not include the use of fire, especially inside your home!

Our pest control team has been serving Monmouth and Ocean County residents for nearly 100 years. Give us a call at 1-800-564-4585 to see what can be done about these unwelcome guests in your house, or to learn more about how to prevent cockroaches from making your home theirs as well.