Seeing Large Yellow Ants – What Are They?

Have You Seen This Type of Ant?
Have You Seen This Type of Ant?

When ants are on the march in your home, it’s nice to know which species you’re dealing with. One ant with a distinctive attribute that stands out from the others is the large yellow ant known as the Citronella ant, Acanthomyops interjectus.

About Citronella Ants

This species gets its name from the citronella or lemon-like odor the ant gives off when it’s defending itself or when it has been crushed. While the ants are also known as yellow ants, their color can range from reddish brown to a yellowish hue.

While ants play an important role in the environment as scavengers, recyclers, and pollinators, if they take over your home, they become a major nuisance. They’re known to have a sweet tooth, especially for honeydews.

Citronella ants are larger than most species with a body length of 3/16 inch long. The queen is approximately 5/16 inch long with a more pronounced darker reddish color. She mates from April through September making nests in concealed areas, foundations, and rotting wood.

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