Need Some Help with Ants? Top Tips on Controlling Ants

Let Us Help You Rid Your Residence of Ants!
Let Us Help You Rid Your Residence of Ants!

Ants are a common problem in and around NJ homes, especially during the summer months. These pests keep pest control companies in Freehold busy all summer long. While some ants can contaminate food supplies, others can cause fire hazards by chewing on wires or structural damage by chewing through wood. You can reduce your risk of having a serious ant problem this summer by taking the following steps to get rid of them.

Remove Food Sources

Ants invade kitchens and other parts of homes looking for food. Get rid of food sources by sweeping up crumbs, wiping off counters, keeping fruit in the fridge and storing food in pest-proof containers. You should also dispose of garbage on a regular basis.

Get Rid of Water Sources

Ants tend to go where water is available, so it’s important to eliminate standing water. Get rid of water sources by fixing leaks and removing excess humidity with a dehumidifier.

Close Up Access Points

Seal gaps and cracks in your home, especially around windows and doors, to prevent ants from getting in from outside. Trim bushes and trees frequently so that ants aren’t able to crawl over to your house on branches.

When you have an ant problem, let pest control companies in Freehold handle it for you. Contact Allison Pest Control, and we’ll make sure your NJ home is free of ants this season.