Everything You Wanted to Know About the New Jersey Paper Wasp

Paper Wasps
Paper Wasps

Have you noticed a grayish papery-looking mass on the side of your house? If so, you might have a paper wasp infestation which should be removed by your best Monmouth County pest control company, Allison Pest Control.

Paper Wasps

Paper wasps, also known as umbrella wasps, range in size from 0.7 to 1 inch long and are yellow and black in color. They get their name from their unique nest structures, which are built with chewed wood fibers and plant stems mixed with saliva. They look like a honeycomb but are grayish-brown in color. The paper wasp family also includes hornets and yellow-jackets, which also build paper nests.

Paper Wasp Nests

A true paper wasp nest is identified by the open combs and a stalk that anchors the nest, including attaching under the eaves or onto the sides of houses. Nest size can range from small to large depending on the age of the wasp colony and nest.

Nest Removal

While paper wasps have been found to be beneficial garden insects, they will attack if they feel threatened. Because their sting is painful and also a possible fatal anaphylactic reaction, a paper wasp nest should be removed by a Monmouth County pest control company and should not be attempted by the homeowner.

If you feel that you are dealing with a paper wasp infestation, call Allison Pest Control today for safe wasp nest removal.