Mild Winter Means More Wasps This Summer

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Call Allison Pest Control For Help

While having a mild winter is a pleasant surprise for many, there’s a drawback to it. Warmer temperatures make it possible for more insect pests to survive the season, including wasps. If you’ve been seeing more of these stinging insects around this spring, you’re not alone.

What’s causing a higher number of wasps this year? Wasps usually die during winter due to freezing temperatures. When temperatures are above normal for most of the winter, these wasps have a better chance of making it through the season.

Queens from different wasp species seek places to shelter during winter, which includes the walls and other areas in and around homes. When you see wasps inside your home during spring, you’re seeing queens coming out of their hiding spots and trying to head outdoors to get their new colonies started. More of these queens are able to live through the winter thanks to warmer temperatures, which can lead to higher wasp populations overall.

Keep in mind that the wasps you see inside your home might not seem aggressive, but they can still sting when provoked. Get help from NJ pest control professionals if you don’t want to handle these pests on your own or if you’re seeing a lot of them around.

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