Are Robot Makers Taking Tips on Design From Cockroaches?

The American Cockroach
Cockroach Robots

While the sight of cockroaches usually means it’s time to bring in Monmouth County pest control, these insect nuisances do serve a purpose. Researchers have been studying cockroaches in order to build new robot models.

Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley are using the American cockroach as a model for robots due to their size and speed. Two of the abilities that these researchers are paying close attention to are cockroaches’ ability to move incredibly fast and their ability to squeeze through tiny cracks. Scientists discovered that roaches have rigid plates joined by soft tissue that allow them to flatten themselves when going through small crevices and cracks.

This observation could lead to more efficient robotic designs compared to the more wormlike designs that currently exist. One of the uses that researchers envision for these robots is sending them into buildings that have been destroyed by natural disasters or war in order to look for survivors.

While it might be surprising to think of cockroaches as a source of inspiration for tools that could save humans, these insects do have some fascinating biological features that can be put to good use through continued research.

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