Prevent Rodent Infestations in Your NJ Home This Winter

Are Rats In Your Home
Prevent Rodent Infestations

As cold temperatures hit the area, rats and mice look for shelter in houses and other residential buildings. These rodent pests are small enough to slip through gaps in your home’s exterior, where they can then make a nest inside your walls.

Rats and mice are known to carry some serious diseases, which makes it important keep them out of your home or call our Freehold Township pest control office if you’ve seen any. Some of the diseases they can spread include Salmonella and rat-bite fever. Rodents can also chew on wiring inside your home, increasing the risk of fires and structural damage. You can help keep these pests from getting into your home by taking the following steps:

  • Keep food sealed up in airtight containers to avoid attracting rodents.
  • Close up gaps and cracks in your home’s exterior with caulking or other materials to prevent rats and mice from getting through them.
  • Place screens on chimney openings, or check existing screens for signs of damage and replace them if needed.
  • Get rid of excess moisture in your basement and attic to keep rodents away.
  • Trim shrubs and bushes so that they’re not growing right next to your home’s exterior.

Don’t let rats or mice put your family’s health at risk. Contact our Freehold Township pest control experts for help getting rid of them. At Allison Pest Control, we offer safe and dependable rodent control services.