Big Norway Rats Are Found in NJ

Norway Rats
Norway Rats

Norway rats have made an impression on the general public due to their numbers and size. While you might think these rats are only seen scurrying around the streets and subways of NYC, these common rats are also found in other places, including Newark. One city worker managed to catch a Norway rat that measures 2 feet long and weighs just under 3 pounds.

Norway rats live in large groups in tunnels and burrows underground, which they spend a lot of time digging. Some are also found in wood piles, ponds and other areas, if there’s plenty of food sources available. Norway rats are brownish or grayish in color and have a white belly. They have small ears and scaly tails that are shorter in length than their bodies, unlike their long-tailed roof rat cousins. Norway rats are considered a nuisance and a public health hazard because they carry harmful parasites and diseases that can spread to humans, such as Hantavirus and toxoplasmosis.

When you have a Norway rat infestation, it’s important to have these rodents removed as soon as possible. Otherwise, they could end up making you and your family ill. They can also cause damage to your property with their chewing.

If you’ve noticed Norway rats around your property, don’t hesitate to call Allison Pest Control. Our experienced Freehold exterminators will trap these pests and remove them from your property safely.