Camel Crickets – Scary But Harmless

The Camel Cricket
The Camel Cricket

Camel crickets might look scary, but there’s no reason to fear them. While these insects resemble large spiders, they have the typical legs of a cricket, which allows them to hop around from place to place.

Camel crickets come out at night and prefer to live in areas that are damp and dark, such as your basement or garage. Unlike other types of crickets that might show up in your home, they don’t make any noise. These tan-colored bugs are known for jumping at people or anything else they see as a possible threat. While the jumping might startle you, these insects don’t have the ability to bite humans. Their mouths are designed to graze on things like other bugs, fungus and plants. The impressive leaps they do serve as a way to protect them from predators.

Although camel crickets won’t bite you, keep in mind that they might eat upholstery or other sources of fabric, which is why they’re thought of as nuisances. In some cases, several might group together, which can increase the amount of damage they do to your belongings. Don’t hesitate to have pest control services done if you have these critters in your basement or garage.

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