Seasonal Weather Brings Stinkbugs Indoors in New Jersey

Sink Bugs
Sink Bugs

Do you have a favorite season? If you were a stinkbug, fall would be your favorite time of year. That is when these smelly pests seek the warmth of New Jersey homes and proliferate. You may have already noticed them hanging around on your window screens or near exterior lights. They do not bite people and that sharp snout they use for piercing fruit is non-poisonous. But they do have an effective and unpleasant defense mechanism.

The stink about stinkbugs

They are thought to have arrived in the United States via some shipped goods from China in 1996. The first reported was in Allentown, Pennsylvania. They found their way to New Jersey by 1999 and are now throughout the state. They pierce the flesh of fruit on trees and suck out juice while injecting saliva. The resulting dimpled appearance makes the fruit unsalable. Similar to a skunk, they have a gland capable of squirting a rank liquid when they feel threatened or cornered. Some people say it smells like rotten or moldy fruit; others say it is more like rancid almonds. Either way, it is an unpleasant and lingering smell.

Keeping them out of your home is difficult and they are highly resistant to most pesticides. It is best to trust the experts at Allison Pest Control for eradication of stinkbugs and all other household pests. We will help you prevent them from coming back.