Argentine Ants Move Inside During Our Wet Weather

Why Wont These Ants Go Away
Ants Move In For Wet Weather

You’ve discovered an ant infestation and you don’t why they’ve moved inside nor do you know what to do to rid the premises of these fast-action, quick-moving pests that seem to be everywhere. At Allison Pest Control, we’re ready to take on the marauding masses of ants in your Freehold home or office.

To help answer the question “why” they’ve moved in was discussed in a study by Stanford which points to weather being a prime suspect.

When you think about it, many pests move indoors during inclement weather ranging from excessive cold to blistering heat. In the case of ant invasions, another reason for infesting an area is rain that makes their outdoor habitats not so friendly.

In the case of Argentine ants, this species is versatile making them tough to deal with. Regular over-the-counter pesticides don’t have much effect and, according to the study, herbal mixtures and natural products have little to no effect. Another plus for the ants is that they have multiple queens so eliminating one doesn’t have a tremendous effect on the whole colony.

Keeping areas clean isn’t the answer, either, because that isn’t the ants focus. They’re looking for a comfortable place to live while the weather outside is unfriendly.

You can wait for the weather to clear and the ants to leave the building, or, you can contact Allison Pest Control and let us help get them packing.



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