Wet Weather May Prolong Termite Season

Termites Will Eat Your Home Tear Round
Termites are Here To Stay

Rainy weather is more than just a nuisance in summer. It can also encourage termites to stick around longer and do more damage to homes. Wet weather makes it easier for termites to find their way inside homes, especially when walls, ceilings or other areas have suffered water damage.

Termites are able to tunnel through all kinds of surfaces in homes, including wallpaper and floors. They chew through wood as they move, which can lead to costly repairs and even serious structural damage that compromises a home’s safety. Termites usually come out in spring and stay active all summer long. With the season being warmer than usual and wetter in some areas, termites are likely to be around longer than usual before going dormant in winter. Keep in mind that only termites that are outdoors go dormant. Those that have found their way inside homes typically remain active throughout the year, giving them more time to cause damage.

It’s important to watch for signs of termites, such as discarded wings from swarmers around doors and windows. Homeowners should also lower the risk of a termite infestation by checking for rotting wood around, keeping mulch at least a foot away from the foundation and preventing water from building up around the foundation.

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