Insects Move Inside During Our Wet and Cool Summer

Keep Your Drain Clean
If it’s Wet They are Moving in!

Summer has arrived, and this year’s rainy weather is keeping Freehold exterminators busy, driving ants and other unwanted pests inside. Rest assured, insects aren’t putting down roots in your home or business because it is dirty, they’re simply looking for higher ground.

A pesky progression
Coming from outdoors, through the walls, and into your home or business, ants and other pests leave pheromone trails for others to follow, invading your space in their attempt escape the flood.

Your best bet…
Time release pest control treatments. Unlike store-bought remedies, which contain low doses of necessary chemicals leaving ants – and you – going back for more product, professional time release products are effective at eradication. Because the product lasts long enough to be shared, other insects in the nests, including the queen, can be eradicated.

Can I prevent pests from ever entering?
The best way to keep pests away is not to gain their attention is the first place. You can try to downplay summer invasions by:

  • Reducing entry points by sealing cracks and holes.
  • Keeping branches and shrubs trimmed back.
  • Storing trash in sealed containers.
  • Keeping crumbs cleaned and food sources sealed.
  • Building moats around pet food.
  • Continually wiping up pheromone trails once pests arrive.

You’re not the only one sick of the rainy weather. Banish bothersome bugs and bring a little sunshine back into your life by contacting Allison today!