Three Tips to Keep Stink Bugs Out of Your House

Keep Stink Bugs Out
Keep Stink Bugs Out

Since they were first introduced to the United States in the 1990s, stinkbugs have become a homeowner’s pest in over 40 states. Once inside your home, their propensity to procreate can lead to infestation and a foul odor left behind after their eventual demise. The first line of defense is to keep them from entering your home. Here’s how:

Seal exterior doors with weather stripping: Weather stripping under and around doors will prevent stinkbugs loitering around on the ground around the perimeter of your house from wandering in. Any place you feel a draft is a potential entry point for stink bugs.

Silicone gaps and cracks around windows: Stinkbugs congregating on your home’s exterior walls will naturally migrate toward the temperate climate emanating through any window frame cracks. A can of silicone applied yourself will solve that problem.

Paint sealant on cracked exterior walls: Stucco, cement and wooden shingles commonly crack over time. Meandering stink bugs that have landed on your home’s exterior walls will creep right inside and take up residency when they come across an exterior crack that allows access. A professional whole house sealant job is best for bigger jobs, but for smaller cracks, you can get away with a DIY application of clear sealant.

If brown-backed stink bug insects have already started nesting in your home, give us a call. Our Monmouth County pest control services will send your stinkbugs packing.