Just How Destructive Are NJ Groundhogs?

Don't Let Bugs Take Control of Your Home
So What Do Groundhogs Do?

It’s bad enough a certain infamous groundhog postponed your “spring break” from this season’s miserably cold winter. But did you know he and his brethren were capable of ruining your scenic Freehold yard as well?

Just how much damage can that Punxsutawney pest’s relatives do? Groundhogs can…

  • Make large mounds, excavating 700 pounds of dirt for a single den, piling dirt high enough to trip up large machinery – and you!
  • Make a meal of vegetables in your gardens – after tunneling through root systems. A very thorough pest indeed!
  • Perform a sort of random sampling, grabbing a single bite from dozens of different veggies in your garden and decimating crop yields of peppers, zucchini, pumpkin, and more.
  • Munch on leaves, flowers, and grasses throughout your property.
  • Climb trees to munch on fruit like apples and pears.
  • Dig burrows near gardens (yum!) as well as newly planted trees and recently dug fence posts, because they’re lazy and it’s less work to dig a burrow where you’ve already loosened dirt.

Sending the persistent pests packing
You can try to exclude groundhogs with a 3.5 foot fence buried a foot in the ground surrounding plants, hanging wind chimes or tying pie plates to trees, and spreading Epsom salts, but they’re often difficult to deter.

If you’re tired of groundhogs hogging up your lawn, Contact Allison today.