How Small Can You Go – Mice and Rats Are Squeezing Into Your Home

They Can Collapse
They Can Collapse

If you have ever seen mouse droppings in your home or had your heart rate triple in nothing flat because one scurried across your floor, the first question you asked (after you finished with the expletives) is “how did it get in here?”

Collapsible bone structure?

This video of mice taking advantage of an unguarded weep hole lets you see that they are able to flatten their already small torsos a great deal. They can fit easily under doors if no weather stripping is present. They are not capable collapsing their skeletal structure and reducing themselves to the extraordinary levels they are sometimes credited as doing. They are not made entirely of pliable cartilage that bends. They have the same kind of bones we humans have.

How do they do it?

Their long cylindrical shape is perfect for burrowing. Rats and mice also spend a great deal of their time navigating small confines and tight spaces. They use their whiskers to quickly assess whether or not an opening is adequate for them to slip through. Knowing just how small a space they can manage is important when you are mouse-proofing your home.

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