Top Problem New Jersey Winter Pests

Winter Pests
Winter Pests

Just because pests are out of sight and out of mind that does not mean they are absent from your home. Pests are clever enough to conceal their presence. They also have heat detecting abilities that humans lack. Rodents and insects notice the warmth emanating from your home and they will seek shelter in it from winter weather.

Different pests require different strategies. These are a few tips on dealing with some of New Jersey’s most common winter pests.

  • Spiders- Outdoor lights that attract winged insects are like bright restaurant signs advertising their favorite menu items. Consider motion sensor lights with timers to attract fewer insects. Softer yellow lights are less appealing to bugs than bright white lights.
  • Rats and mice- They can fit through small openings and will take advantage of any vulnerabilities in how you store pet food or your own food items. Never leave any food out. Once they know food is available, they can chew through most materials.
  • Nuisance wildlife- These creatures can create holes in soffits and fascia. Be sure trees and shrubs are cut back away from your home and do regular inspections of your home and property for signs raccoons and other critters are moving in.

Insects and nuisance wildlife are persistent in their efforts to enter your home. Contact Allison Pest Control for a personalized pest control plan for your home and never worry about bugs again.