Can Mice and Rats Be Present Together?

Prevent Mice From Entering Your Home
Is There A Mouse In The House?

Do you have a mouse problem? Or is it a rat problem? Maybe you’re not sure, or maybe it’s both!

Here at Allison Pest Control, we get so many questions about mice and rats. Some people are sure they have seen rodents big and small, so they assume they must have them both in their homes. No matter what kind of rodent problem you have, what you want most is to get rid of them for good. Still, we thought we’d take a few moments and answer the question of whether or not mice and rats can be present in the same space.

According to an article on, mice and rats can be present in the same place, but it usually doesn’t fare too well for the mice. That’s because almost all wild rats and some types of laboratory rats have been known to kill mice. Most of the time they even eat them after they’ve killed them.

That means if you have a rodent problem, it’s probably either mice or rats. It’s possible that you don’t particularly care which one you have; you just want them to be gone. At Allison Pest Control, we specialize in NJ mouse control, or rat control. We know how to track down the critters that driving you crazy in your home, and we’d be happy to rid you of them for good.

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