Little Known Facts About Squirrels

Squirrel Facts
Squirrel Facts

Though pesky when infiltrating areas to which they don’t belong, squirrels are nonetheless fascinating creatures. Did you know…

  • Squirrels are rodents of the genus Sciurus and large family Sciuridae, which includes chipmunks, marmots, and prairie dogs.
  • Groups of squirrels are called “scurries.”
  • There are 1,650 species of squirrel, which typically possess a large bushy tail, long erect ears, muscular hind legs, and sharp claws.
  • Squirrels are primarily tree dwelling, however some species live in burrows.
  • Squirrels can damage trees and nest in attics and chimneys of homes, becoming a pest.
  • Squirrel nests are referred to as “dreys.” Squirrels bear two litters per year of about three young, one between February-April and one between August-September.
  • Squirrels are capable of moving across and swinging between narrow branches, up and down inclines, crossing gaps, and deftly dealing with obstructions.
  • The tail of a squirrel provides the animal with balance, acts as a parachute, and is also used in communication.
  • Squirrels have excellent eyesight and smell, and groom quite often.
  • Squirrel teeth grow continuously. The animals chew to wear down growth – and often enjoy sharpening them on your home’s electrical wires!

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