Watch Out for These Winter Pests

Winter Pests
Winter Pests

Pests in your home or business during the winter months can be frustrating. If you are not certain just how bad your pest problem is, here are common unwelcome guests may be taking advantage of your warm home or business environment.

Mice and Rodents

Rodents like rats and mice will seek out any source of food during the winter months, often finding their way into homes or businesses. Droppings are a clear indication of rodent activity but their movement may or may not go detected. Keeping all food products sealed and safely stored away is an effective way to discourage these pests from entering your property.

Bed Bugs

Although bed bugs are a problem all year long, they tend to resurface during the holiday season when family travel is at an all time high. The sheer volume of traffic households and businesses across America sees is an open invitation for bed bugs to find new habitats.

Squirrels, Birds and More

Some animals like raccoons, birds, cats, squirrels or other creatures will find their way into your attic or garage area in search of heat or food. If these animals have been cause a headache for you, contact a local company that specializes in humane trapping practices for more unconventional pests.

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