3 Things to Know about the American Cockroach

The American Cockroach
The American Cockroach

While some insect pests like the black widow spider can be quite scary on an individual level, others like the American cockroach are actually far more dangerous from a practical standpoint. Here are a few of the reasons why:

They Spread Disease – The American cockroach – also known incorrectly as a “waterbug” or “Palmetto bug” – will inevitably get into every crack and crevice in a home. As such, they are exposed to an incredibly wide range of disease-causing bacteria including strains that carry salmonella and E. coli of gastroenteritis fame.

They Aggravate Allergies – Through their prolonged contact with their own feces and that of other species, American cockroaches cause a veritable avalanche of asthma and other respiratory pathogens to be introduced into the air in the average home where they reside.

They are Hard to Kill – The old “truism” that the only creature that will survive WW3 is the cockroach has a certain element of truth to it. The American cockroach will probably never be completely eradicated – there are just too many of them – but they can be easily controlled with a regular system of pest control.

As you can see, the American cockroach is a master of concealment and can survive on almost anything from the hair on your head and skin cells to the glue that binds books. For more information on ridding your home of American cockroaches and other insect pests or if you are already looking for a NJ pest control company, please contact us at Allison Pest Control. We can be found online at AllisonPest.com or reached directly at 800.564.4585.