Squirrel Prevention Tips

Squirrel Control
Don’t let squirrels take over your attic!

While you may enjoy watching the acrobatic antics of squirrels outside in your yard, squirrels that have invaded your home can pose a pesky problem. Preserve the amusement and avoid destruction and aggravation with these squirrel prevention tips…

Squirrel prevention 101:

As part of the rodent family, squirrels have to constantly gnaw to keep their teeth down. They may chew – and cause extensive damage to – many surfaces of your home. Squirrels may even going so far as to chew a hole into your roof, eaves, or walls to enter the attic, inflicting considerable damage once inside. Fortunately, prevention is simple.

  • Seal all openings, paying special attention to vents which often have flimsy or corroded screens that are easily gnawed through. Use a ladder to inspect any areas you cannot see from the ground.
  • Check where roof lines meet and where the eaves touch the roof, sealing off possible access points.
  • Inspect soffit vents for properly sized covers that prevent access. (Squirrels can fit through holes as small as 1.5 inches in diameter!)
  • Install a snug-fitting steel chimney cap to prevent chimney access.
  • When addressing known access points or visibly chewed areas, be certain to use steel flashing or steel screen to curtail meddlesome munching.

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Don’t wait to take action to remove squirrels as once they choose a place to nest, they will return year after year and even teach their squirrel babies how to get into your attic to overwinter. When you choose us for squirrel removal, we humanely capture your squirrels, clean, and sanitize the damaged areas.