Cockroach Species Which Will Live in New Jersey?

The Cockroach
The Cockroach

Monmouth County is one of the most populous counties in New Jersey. With numerous waterways for fishing and some of the most beautiful townships in the country, it is easy to see why this area is popular with people. And, of the more than 4,500 different species of roaches in the world, a large number of them have decided to dwell among us here, too.

German cockroaches

Known by the scientific name of Blattella germanica, this species of cockroach grows to about half of an inch and is typically tan in color. It has wings, but is barely able to fly. Without us humans to provide a winter home, this roach would quickly die. They are often found in restaurants, hotels, and other commercial facilities that process food.

Asian cockroaches

This pesky variety of roach is also known by Blattella asahinai. Sometimes mistaken for the German cockroach due to the similar size and color, this species differs from the German by being an adept flyer that is attracted to light. It likes to be outside and you may see one flying into your porch light like a moth.

American cockroaches

Periplaneta americana is one of the most common and largest roaches you will see in New Jersey. Growing to as much as two inches, this roach is often called a waterbug. While it does like moist areas like your basement or crawl space, it is not a swimmer. Periplaneta americana moves indoors during winter months and household dust containing its droppings will cause an allergic reaction for of some individuals.

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