Five Interesting Facts About Raccoons in Your Attic

Raccoon Truths
Raccoon Truths

Found in every one of the lower 48 states, the bandit-masked raccoon is a master of subterfuge and infiltration. Once they find a place – such as your attic – that they like, any owner will be hard pressed to rid their home of these creatures without professional help. Here are five interesting facts that explain why:

They are Thinner than You Think

While adult raccoons seem somewhat roly-poly, they can squeeze through very thin openings and you will have to seal anything wider than 3 inches.

They Eat Almost Anything

From nuts and plants to insects and meat – dead or alive – raccoons love to forage. The problem is they like to eat in private so they will drag all sorts of unpalatable items into your attic

They’re Fast & Dangerous

Simply put, they are faster than you and more maneuverable. Also, don’t trap them as they are quite formidable with sharp teeth and claws.

Territory Matters to Them

Once firmly established in your attic, a raccoon will defend that territory as his own especially if he has a family ensconced there.

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