A Little History on Allison Pest Control

Allison Pest Control
Allison Pest Control

Allison Pest Control has been proudly serving Monmouth and Ocean counties in central New Jersey since 1917. Begun as a local one-man operation, Allison Pest Control was owned and operated by the Allison family for more than 50 years until the company was purchased by John Daly, Sr. in 1970.

All in the Family

John Daly grew the business, extending service coverage to all of Monmouth and Ocean counties and portions of Middlesex County. Following in the Allison family’s footsteps, John has kept the business in the family and now runs the company with his son John Daly, Jr.

Hands-On Quality Control

Under the Dalys’ expertise and hands-on leadership, Allison Pest Control’s reputation for providing exemplary customer service and high quality pest control services has grown substantially. All Allison Pest Control technicians are state certified and carry current pest applicator licenses. Regular training classes and superior equipment ensure that our technicians are always prepared to offer our customers the latest and best pest control products and techniques.

Local Pest Experts

Leaders in the New Jersey pest control community, we have become leading experts in controlling and exterminating the insect, animal and bird pests that create problems for the residents and business owners of Monmouth and Ocean counties.

  • Commerical. For our commercial customers, we offer Integrated Pest Management solutions, environmentally friendly treatments and emergency services. We have also developed considerable field specialties in the pest problems of numerous specialized businesses and industries.

The next time pests are bothering you, call us and experience the Allison Pest Control difference.

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