What is the Most Painful Place for a Bee Sting?

Don't Get Stung
Don’t Get Stung

You don’t have to be a child to feel the intense pain that’s brought on by a bee sting. Now that spring is here, you’re probably noticing a lot more bugs in your back yard, as well as more bees than you’d like to see. Even though a certain number of bees is good for the environment, when you begin to get too many, you start worrying about yourself or members of your family getting stung.

The Most Painful Areas for a Bee Sting

While you might think bees can sting anywhere on your body, there are a few areas that hurt more than others. For example:

Your nostril: Bees like to make their homes in old pipes and other areas in your yard. When you look into these areas, don’t be surprised to have a bee sting you on the nose.

The palm of your hand: If you’ve ever reached into a container to look for something and gotten stung by a waiting bee, you know this one is quite painful.

Your abdomen: Your stomach area is really sensitive, so you really feel that pinch when you get stung in the abdomen.

Don’t let bees take over your yard this summer. Your first reaction might be picking up a few cans of insect repellant at the hardware store. Unfortunately, these products rarely work as well as you’d like them to. Not to mention, when you use them, your risk of getting stung increases.

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