Camel Back Crickets: Silent Invaders

Not all crickets chirp. Camel back crickets are silent invaders, creeping into damp, dark Monmouth County, NJ crawl spaces and basements unknown to homeowners. Their lack of vocalization provides no warning, allowing camel back cricket populations to grow unchecked. Ocean County, NJ residents may not realize they have a pest problem until these insects start appearing in more heavily trafficked areas of their home. If you start seeing these rapidly reproducing crickets in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms or other rooms in your home; it’s time to call a cricket exterminator NJ before they take over your house!

About 2 inches long and pale brown in color, camel back crickets get their name from the resemblance of their prominently arched back to a camel’s hump. These insects are also called cave crickets, a frequent dwelling place, and spider crickets for their unusually long, thin, spider-like legs. Camel back crickets have a unique and disconcerting jumping habit that often upsets Middlesex County, NJ residents. Instead of jumping away from you if disturbed, these crickets will leap right at you and may land on your clothing or person. The unusual response is thought to be a defensive behavior meant to confuse and frighten predators.

A nuisance pest, camel back crickets are part of Mother Nature’s clean up crew, feeding primarily on dead spiders, flies and other insects. They also feed on mold, fungi and dead plant material. Outdoors these scavengers can find plenty to eat; but in the confines of your basement large populations will feed on fabrics and can damage stored linens and clothing waiting to be washed.