The Problem with Cockroaches

Cockroaches have a relatively short lifespan as they only live approximately three months due to a variety of factors.  These stealthy creatures have however adapted well to human habitats of all kinds and can feed upon most anything that they come across.  Studies have shown that one impregnated female cockroach can easily produce 10,000 descendants in a year which makes trying to eradicate the pests extremely difficult in homes and businesses report Monmouth County NJ exterminators.

Do cockroaches cause problems?

Yes!  The most common type of indoor cockroach invader in the United States is the German cockroach.  This pest is also considered to be the most economically important urban pest in the US as well as around the world.  German cockroaches are typically found in kitchen areas as they seek warmth, food, and water sources.  Both commercial and residential kitchens provide ample hiding places for these unsavory invaders.

Although often associated with being “dirty”, German cockroaches often infest clean kitchens as well because of their diversity in eating habits.  Any unattended crumb or spill in a kitchen becomes a feast for a cockroach.  The lack of food is not a problem for cockroaches as they will turn to untraditional food sources such as the paste holding the label on a can of food, toothpaste, hair, or even soap.

German cockroaches are frequent visitors to trash cans and sewage systems.  With each step they take they spread dangerous disease causing bacteria which can be transmitted to humans.  Cockroaches are a difficult pest to eradicate without the help of a Monmouth County NJ exterminator like Allison Pest Control.