The Sounds Of Crickets…Not So Pleasant To Be Around!

The sounds of crickets chirping may sound like natures lullaby to some, but for others, the sounds emitted from crickets, resemble fingernails being dragged across a chalkboard.  The incessant chirping from a cricket is not always considered to be good, especially when there are crickets, or even just one cricket that is chirping inside a wall.

Why do crickets chirp?

To the human ear, it might sound like all crickets chirp alike, but in fact, they don’t.  It might be surprising to learn that only male crickets have the ability to chirp.  Chirping is used by males for a variety of reasons.  Some songs that the male crickets chirp are intended on wooing a female cricket into a mating ritual.  This same song warns other crickets to stay out of a particular cricket’s territory.  Once the mating ritual is complete, yet another song is sung that is intended to ward off other would-be suitors that might be in the area looking to mate with the same female.  If a wondering male cricket enters another males territory, both crickets will create a song of chirping aggression which is very loud.  Eventually one or the other will head for the hills.  Crickets use a scraper and file on their legs to create the different melodies that can either be soothing or annoying.  Another interesting fact about these creatures is that they hear with the “ears” on their legs which is very sensitive to vibration and sound.

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