New Jersey Daddy Long Legs – A Scary But Harmless Critter

Most people may be surprised to learn that there are two creatures that are referred to as “daddy long legs”.  They are similar in looks, but aren’t similar in behavior or living habitats.  The two critters actually belong to separate groups of animals.  The most common name “daddy long legs” actually belongs to the Order Opiliones.  They live under rocks and logs and are rarely seen.  “Daddy long leg spiders” belong to the Order Araneae.  These spiders are the ones that are most noticeable to NJ homeowners report Monmouth NJ exterminators.

It is not surprising that people are afraid of daddy long leg spiders.  They have an oval body that is two segmented, but very difficult to see the two parts.  They have eight legs and create tangled webs in which they hang around in and await their snared prey.  The legs of daddy long leg spiders are long and thin.  These types of spiders are not fast movers so they are easy to pick up by their legs and move if a person can withstand the challenge without suffering the willies. These spiders also hang around doors and porches as they gobble up a multitude of insects.

It has long been believed that the venom of this spider is poisonous.  These spiders do have a fierce set of fangs and venom to kill, but will not cause problems for humans as their fangs are too small to penetrate human skin. Regardless, many homeowners don’t like spiders and need to hire a Monmouth County NJ exterminator to keep their home free of all types of spiders both inside and out!