NJ Cockroaches Eliminated Fast With A Monmouth County NJ Exterminator

It is hard to imagine that no matter how clean your New Jersey home is, cockroaches can still find their way indoors.  Good sanitation and hygiene are deterrents to keep these pests away, but unfortunately, as many people have found, a cockroach infestation can occur at any point in time.

Cockroaches have been in existence for millions of years.  They spread throughout communities by laying their eggs in packaging, food, or any other type of material.  Cockroaches can arrive at an otherwise cockroach free home via a grocery bag, a box shipped through the mail, a crack or crevice from the outdoors, a friend visiting or a person visiting a cockroach infested home, office, restaurant, or hospital, etc.

Like other creatures, cockroaches require food, water, and shelter which is why they are attracted to human dwellings and restaurants.  Cockroaches are scavengers and can easily survive indoors or outdoors.  In fact, millions of cockroaches do survive outdoors throughout the world.

In New Jersey as well as throughout the United States, there are three main cockroaches that cause problems for humans.  The American cockroach, the Oriental cockroach, and the German cockroach are the problem roaches report Monmouth County, NJ exterminators.

Cockroaches are attracted to sweets, grease, protein, cheese, and nuts and can penetrate many types of food containers and packaging.  These pests travel through sewage systems, animal feces and carcasses and other bacteria ridden areas.  Once they enter human territory, they contaminate everything that they touch.

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