If You Think They’re Gone, You Would Be Wrong…Stink Bugs

It’s hard to believe that the brown marmorated stink bug first invaded the US fifteen years ago.  Since then, scientists have worked to find a solution to the pest that has been nibbling its way from coast to coast, and then traveling west.  The brown marmorated stink bug has been spotted in 33 different states report Monmouth County, NJ exterminators.

Coming from Asia, this invasive pest took a $37 million bite out of the Mid-Atlantic apple crop and $15 million dollars of peaches were gobbled by the hungry beasts.  Stink bugs have a taste for tomatoes, soy beans, as well as many other types of legumes.  They are notoriously hard to kill as anyone who has tried to combat the bugs can tell you.  The brown marmorated stink bug can literally swim in a pesticide and come out unscathed.

Are scientists gaining the upper hand, ever so slightly, on the Asian invaders?  For the past few years, tests have been conducted to see if a parasitic wasp from Asia would be the solution to killing the brown marmorated stink bugs.  While endless testing and meetings were underway, one of our own native wasps developed a taste for the stink bug eggs.  When stink bugs first became a real problem in the US, it appeared that they had no natural predators here in the US. Birds that once turned away from the stinky fellows are now adding them to their diet.  All good news.

Residents should still expect to see stink bugs on the outside of their homes this coming fall though. Call Allison Pest Control for fast stink bug services.