Stink Bugs Don’t Taste Good!

I can tell you from first-hand experience that the brown marmorated stink bug does not taste good!  Stink bugs are emerging from their overwintering spots in mass amounts.  They seem to like the insides of my house and I of course want them gone.  My cats have learned the hard way that these slow crawling critters are not ones to “play” with on the floor as they certainly have earned their name for a reason.  Last night in fact, my youngest daughter, who is completely terrified of stink bugs, was eating ice cream when a random stink bug flew on top of her head.  The screaming that followed caused the stink bug to fly off only after spraying her hair with its skunk like stentch.  We quickly found and flushed the pesky bug.

I was drinking my favorite diet cola last night when apparently a stink bug landed on the rim of the cup.  I have no idea if it fell inside or simply wanted a drink, but I took a sip of the stink bug infused soda.  Because there was ice inside of the cup, I instinctively bit the lump that was in my mouth.  That lump was not ice…it was a stink bug.

I can honestly say that bugs taste exactly like they smell…horrible.  I can also attest that their shells are very crunchy.  As the spring weather has been creeping upon us, we have noticed when we have gone open the windows there are dead stink bugs that did not make it inside to overwinter.  The interesting thing to me is that ants must not even find stink bugs a desirable food source as they have not picked up any that were flicked outside from the window sill, nor have they come in to drag them to their nest.  My guess is, ants think that stink bugs stink too.

All stink bugs should be killed by a Monmouth County, NJ pest control professional so that they will not have the opportunity to reproduce and destroy ornamental plants and crops.