Bugs I Love To Love Part 2 Of 2

Continuing from Friday…

Bumble Bees – These non-aggressive bees make their nest in my garden area every summer, but do not bother my family while spending time outdoors.  They are typically interested in visiting flowers.  They go about their business each day and even seem to appreciate the attention I give to my garden.  Bumble bees do have the capability of stinging humans or pets if they so choose.  They are not considered to be aggressive bees, but if they believe that you are threatening their nesting site, they just might come out in force to sting.  Sometimes a person might be stung once, sometimes by many of the bees.  Because of the treat of having an allergic reaction, you should still take precautions when it comes to being stung by bumble bees.

Praying Mantis – These insects are super fun to watch in action.  They will gobble up many types of insects.  They are fantastic hunters, taking care of destructive garden pests.  These insects are fun to hold and when you sing or whistle to them they will turn their heads from side to side as they listen intently.  Once they feel comfortable, sometimes they will even do a dance for you on your hand.  Some people believe that having praying mantis around their home is a sign of good luck.  Around our home, we just like them because they are the coolest insects in town!

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