Bugs I Love To Love Part 1 Of 2

In my younger years, I hated all insects, with the exception of butterflies.  Anything that ran across the floor, scurried up a wall, dangled from a ceiling, buzzed by my ear, delivered a powerful punch with its stinger, or tried to share  my dinner was enough to make me go running from the room.  As I became older and wiser, I began my quest to learn about the insects in the world we live in.  I consider myself fortunate in that I have lived in several parts of the United States and have experienced some interesting insects.  Some insects and their habits and characteristics are universal, no matter what state you live in.

There are a few insects that I find to be fascinating.  I still love butterflies because of their grace and beauty.  Here are a few more insects that I find to be interesting creatures…

Wolf Spiders – They are amazing hunters that only occasionally, and most likely accidentally, happen to come inside.  They kill off the unwanted garden pests.  Females are good Moms who not only carry around their egg sacks, but also their baby’s right after they are hatched.  I think their face is even kind of cute.

Lady Bugs – They are small, which is always a good thing, and colorful.  Despite their tiny size, they too are ferocious garden hunters.  They have no desire to come indoors and hardly ever do.  They are hardly ever considered a pest unless a building happens to be covered in them.

Please check back on Monday for the conclusion.